Sunday, December 03, 2017

Eliza & The Ram / エライザとラム

Name: Eliza & The Ram
Place: Valentine Park, Campbell Town TAS
Note (Eliza Forlonge): Australian pioneer who played a large part in introducing Merino sheep to south-east Australia
Aware that fine wool from merino sheep in Saxony, Germany was bringing the highest prices, the Forlonges went to Leipzig to study methods of sheep rearing and wool preparation.
Their expertise was enhanced by the use of an instrument to measure wool.
Alfred William Howitt, Australian anthropologist, explorer and naturalist, described her as 'one of the pleasantest and most energetic ladies I have ever met with'.
Details (Eliza Forlonge): click here
Details (sculpture): click here

場所:Valentine Park, Campbell Town TAS
ノート (エライザ):メリノ種の羊をオーストラリア南東部に広めたオーストラリアの先駆者
詳細 (エライザ):ここより
詳細 (彫刻):ここより

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